The following is the introduction to the means of experiencing the single nature of mind through the application of the three considerations:

First, recognise that past thoughts are traceless, clear and empty.

Second, recognise that future thoughts are unproduced and fresh

And third, recognise that the present moment abides naturally and unconstructed.


When this ordinary, momentary consciousness is examined nakedly and directly by oneself, upon examination it is a radiant awareness, which is free from the presence of an observer.

Manifestly stark and clear.

Completely empty and uncreated in all respects.

Lucid, without duality of radiance and emptiness,

Not permanent, for it is lacking  inherent existence in all respects,

Not a mere nothingness, for it is radiant and clear.

Not a single entity, for it is clearly perceptible as a multiplicity.

Yet not existing inherently as a multiplicity, for it is indivisible and of a single savour.

This intrinsic awareness, which is not extraneously derived, is itself the genuine introduction of the abiding nature of all things.:

For in this intrinsic awareness, the three Buddha bodies are inseparable, and fully present as one:

Its emptiness and utter lack of inherent existence is the Buddha-body of Reality;

The natural resonance of radiance of this emptiness is the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource;

And its unimpeded arising in any form whatsoever is the Buddha-body of Emanation.

These three, fully present as one, are the very essence of awareness it self.


(Extract from the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” taken from chapter four “The introduction to Awareness; Natural Liberation through Naked Perception”)



“The introduction to Awareness; Natural Liberation through Naked Perception”