At the time of dying

[At this moment - the time of dying], the inner radiance of the ground dawns upon all sentient beings,

And, in the case of a few yogins who have achieved realization,

At this moment, the inner radiance of the path meets [the inner radiance of the ground]

Like a [meeting of] a mother and child,

And [thus, now] instantaneously, in an ascending and core-penetrating manner,

These [yogins] will actualize the uncreated Buddha-body of Reality,

And through the Buddha-bodies of Perfect Resource and Emanation,

They will perform inestimable actions for the sake of all beings.

[Thus], the three buddha-bodies will be spontaneously present,

And buddhahood will have been attained.

Because of this, one should understand the significance of obtaining a human body,

And cherish the experiential cultivation of the profound [sacred] teachings.

For, even though the genuine inner radiance [of the ground] will [always] arise [at the moment of death],

In the case of all beings who have not [already] realized the [inner radiance of the path],

It will not be recognized.

The [past] births that one has assumed and left behind are countless and infinite,

And, although the inner radiance has indeed arisen an indescribable [number of times],

It has been obscured [again and again] by the dense [fog of] co-emergent ignorance,

And [thereby], one has come to wander endlessly through cyclic existence.

That is why it is important to achieve such a secure level [of realization in this life].

                                  The Tibetan Book of the Dead  Signs of Death - pages 176-177